T2 serves as construction manager representing ownership to assure final budget numbers, schedule and handle conflict resolution between both general and sub contractors.

T2 provides this service with both owners they’ve secured financing for and those owners needing oversight of a project on their behalf.

T2’s management style is straightforward and founded on maintaining integrity through the
construction process. By being forthright with owners, architects and contractors, T2 is able to avoid the most common project issues easily.

The goal of T2’s construction management program is to raise the bar of efficiency and cooperation in regards to all parties connected to the project.

T2 has an extensive construction finance arm partnering with banks, private investors and financial institutions that have genuine interest in construction projects. Many developers and project owners go through the revolving door of credit options and find a dead end when it comes to building facilities.

T2 does the research and leg work to find the lenders that with a preference for construction projects. T2 uses these resources to negotiate the best possible package for the project owner or developer. Because T2 is also involved in the construction aspect of the project, the lending community leans toward working with us as opposed to a non-construction oriented firm. The lender can have the confidence that the amount of the loan will not be exceeded in construction overruns. By coordinate these efforts, T2 mitigates the risk both to the owner and the lender while assuring a top flight project result.

T2 can help pre qualify and direct owners to exactly the information or package a financial provider will want to see. T2 knows the distinct needs and preferences of each financial institution. Negotiating on behalf of ownership while engaging with the financial institution’s construction benchmarks.

T2 secures the funding, engages the construction team and monitors project construction. The reason T2 is different from all the rest.

T2 partners with a specific group of both general contractors and subcontractors to eliminate the common occurrence of construction cost overruns as well as change orders. A T2 project will be built at the price quoted or financed…period! By engaging top quality contractors and engaging them in the initial design process, those contractors are able to certify their bids. Team members are not awarded any extra compensation with the exceptions being major changes in scope or act of God.

T2 drives this philosophy home with their certified construction team members. Any contractor violating this principle is removed from future T2 projects. By allowing fair bidding and pricing integrity, T2 projects do not require additional funding due to contractor error or material pricing variance. This reduces the risk of traditional project cost overruns ranging most commonly between 15 and 100%. T2 manages this principle and requires written certification of quoted pricing from team members. This reduces the financial risk for both the project owner and lender. The most efficient way to manage construction costs in the industry.

Merging both securing financing with developing construction team via one source

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