TSquared  is a construction investment company securing financing for project owners as well as assisting in the construction management of those projects.

Partners Todd Janson and Tom Woodcock collectively have 50 years in the construction industry in the areas of general contracting, subcontracting, environmental services, construction management and financial services.

TSquared partners have been recognized and awarded as having professional expertise in construction project development by major construction associations.

TSquared monitors and advises in regards contractor/owner relationships and agreements.

TSquared is currently reviewing consultation in multiple projects and is being sought out by project owners as well as general contractors.

TSquared uses a subcontractor team that certifies their bids and/or proposals. Alleviating cost overruns common on construction projects.

TSquared has an experience base and philosophy based on integrity and honesty in the construction process. Protecting owners and contractors alike. Mitigating as much risk as possible through poor communication and unrealistic expectations.

Our Team

Author Tom Woodcock is nationally known as one of the most dynamic sales trainers and construction consultants in the country. He routinely speaks to thousands of contractors, sales personnel, construction finance firms and suppliers concerning the sales skills necessary to compete in this intensely challenging construction industry. His personal success in sales is well documented and highly regarded. His latest book; “You’re Not Sellin’, They’re Buyin’” is comprehensive in developing the proper sales skills, persona and methodology to rise above the competition. His DVD series can literally be used as an individual or corporate training program. He’s been featured on CNN and in USAToday as well as dozens of media outlets across the country. His corporation, Seal the Deal, is sought after by trade associations, contractors, corporations, suppliers, construction expos and publications regularly. He currently writes for 4 publications, has 20 regular contractor clients and speaks to in excess of 10,000 construction industry individuals a year. Tom has over 30 years in construction consulting. Has managed one of the largest mortgage companies in St. Louis to an increase of $19m annually over previous high points. Tom currently is equal partner in TSquared Construction Investments currently negotiating $100m in projects. Performing construction management, brokering financing and consulting for project owners. Tom turned a Caterpillar rental territory from 2.5Mil to 10Mil in revenue in 18 months while raising margins by 2%! He also trained 325 sales reps for a 750Mil nationwide equipment firm. In his first sales position at 19 yrs of age he took a 150K contractor sales territory to 2.5Mil in 1 year.
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        Merging both securing financing with developing construction team via one source

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