Jeff Faust

Jeff Faust began his career in the environmental industry following graduate school in 1993. In May 2003, Jeff started Environmental Consultants, LLC with his friend and business partner, Jim Yasitis, as a way to bring personalized service, continuity and integrity to our customers. During his career, Jeff has developed many long term relationships with customers looking to provide cost effective, environmentally compliant, and risk managed solutions to their organizations. Jeff’s experience is heavy with Federal customers – particularly the Department of Defense, education – both K through 12 and higher education, and the corporate world. These customers rely on Jeff’s expertise to provide sound environmental budgets and a technical strategy to manage risk and compliance within these budgets. Jeff’s favorite quote from a customer was “Every time I call you, regardless of time of day, I get the feeling I am your only customer and that you have already analyzed and understand my problem. Next thing I know, you are at my door step telling me you were four hours away when I called – what a great feeling to know you care about all of your customers like that.” Working for good people remains the number one reason to go to work every day. When not at work, the majority of Jeff’s time is spent helping kids be kids. Jeff’s youngest son, Carter, lost his battle with leukemia at the age of five. Since then, Jeff spends his free time helping other kids and their parents with life facing illnesses. Besides being a Principal at EC, most people know Jeff due to his strong affiliations with St. Louis Childrens Hospital, the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Chair of the KIDstruction team at St. Louis Childrens Hospital, and his own foundation the Faust Family Endowment Fund and their “Hooked on Hope” fundraisers.

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